About Chelsea Dog Walks

Chelsea Dog Walks started after I discovered a need for dog walking services and the demands of society that have driven the market to where it is today.  Needless to say, we love dogs and treat each client’s as our own. We are fully insured by Pet Sitters International and have extensive experience in caring for animals.

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“LeCee takes a genuine interest in animal welfare and understanding dog behavior. She approaches interactions with animals with enthusiasm and seeks out opportunities within the shelter and with her own dogs to train and teach.”  –Lisa Carr of Animal Haven, Inc.

“LeCee and her family are concerned, responsible and loving dog walkers. This is a family that knows dogs. When I need help with our beloved pet and can’t be there for him myself, I am confident that he will be happy and secure in their care. LeCee even reinforces our dog’s training on her walks with him. He returns safe, well-exercised, and exuberant.”  –Cecilia Rudzitis, Havanese owner and satisfied client

“LeCee is a wonderful and caring person who we trust completely with our dogs. Whether she is taking care of them as part of their normal weekly routine or in a full time capacity when we are away, they always come back healthy and happy! Additionally, our larger dog has some anxiety problems and since LeCee has been working with her we have noticed a great deal of improvement.”  –Paul

“My dog and I are so lucky we found you! It’s tough leaving her side so having her under your care puts my mind at ease. You go above and beyond other people I’ve worked with; anyone can walk a dog but you actually care about her happiness. Thank you for giving me peace of mind and making my little girl feel special.” –Dan K.

“It means so much to me to know that when I’m away Truffles will be with people who will take good care of her and love her. I feel so confident that when I’m gone, she’ll be well-cared for and have a lot of fun.”  –Heather Hatfield

When I moved to New York City from Atlanta, my dog Abner had a difficult adjustment to make ahead of him! Working with LeCee on his regular walk, he slowly became better acclimated to the city sights, sounds and other dogs! LeCee not only exhibits a true talent and passion for caring for animals, she is a reliable, trust-worthy and dependable dog walker. I would recommend her to anyone looking for the best care for their pet.  –Erin N., Upper West Side

I notice such a huge difference in Oscar since you have been walking him. He is so much better around other dogs and he seems sooooo happy. I am really glad to have met you and I know Oscar is as well. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to walk Oscar on the street and not have to cross the road whenever another dog comes around. I thank you immensely for that. I love your notes and also appreciate that you are so sweet. A big thank you from both me and Oscar for making our lives so much better!  –Katie